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The triathletes Jacqueline Slack (UK) and Ben Allen (Australia) join the Lurbel team

he professional triathletes Jacqueline Slack (United Kingdom) and Ben Allen (Australia) join the ambassador team of Lurbel. Both triathletes open the borders of Lurbel team made up by Spanish athletes to go all over the world and test the high performance material of the company. 

Nowadays, Slack and Allen are immersed in the participation in the Xterra World Tour, a trail triathlon circuit with competitions in every corner of the planet. This circuit will lead them to run across different points in Europe until the end of August, will transport them to the United States in September and will culminate in October with the World Championship in Maui, Hawaii. Taking advantage of their participation in the Xterra Spain of Cieza the past 24th of May, the athletes visited the headquarters of the company in Ontinyent (Valencia), and that was the beginning of this common commitment with Lurbel. 

International presence

The international expansion in which the company has embarked is being reinforced with this signing. It will be at the same time a new testing ground for the high performance garments of Lurbel, both in conventional triathlons and also in off-road proofs which made up the Xterra calendar with segments of trail running and MTB.

Both athletes highlight the qualitative leap with the Lurbel material with reference to the socks and the textile garments, as they respond to the demanding proofs in which they take part: “regarding the socks, we have not tested anything like that before, and regarding the textile garments, we feel total freedom, it is like going completely naked”.